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Keep students on task!

The best way to keep students on task and save valuable class time with InterCLASS!

  • Monitor Student Activity
  • Control Web/Program Access
  • Demo and Share Screens
  • Real Time Multimedia Broadcast
  • Log on/Remote all PCs at Once
  • Quick & Easy Maintenance for IT Techs

Simple, easy-to-use Classroom Management and Computer Lab Monitoring Software


InterCLASS PC Lab Controller is software to support teacher and student activities in any type of PC lab, classroom or library. It provides a fully functional lab control program that teachers can use easily in their lab classrooms as a teaching tool.
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Outstanding Recognition for InterCLASS awarded by our Customers


We are very appreciative when we are recognized for our customer service and support and hope that we can further our efforts to make technology a useful tool in schools. While several companies like to receive "awards" from magazines, we would like to recognize those that come from our actual users!
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