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You can add student PCs to each class setting on the InterCLASS teacher program from a comma delimited CSV file.

  1. Create a comma delimited CSV file that lists the student computers in the classroom.
    *Please use Notepad to create a CSV file. DO NOT use MS Excel. Here is a sample of the CSV file.
  2. Start the InterCLASS Teacher program, and then click “Settings” > “Class Settings Wizard.”

    Class Setting Wizard

  3. Select “Add New Class”, type in a new class name, and then click Next. 

    Class Setting Wizard 

  4. Click the “Import” button and then open the CSV file. The student computer names will then be added to the class.

    .Class Settings Wizard > > Class 

  5. Click Next and then click Finish.
  6. Create a classroom layout and then click Exit.

  7. To make multiple class settings with a different set of student computers, please repeat Steps 1-6.


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