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At the end of August, we visited Greenwood Elementary in Greenwood Village, Colorado and installed our InterCLASS Classroom Management Software to their wireless laptops. While the InterCLASS installation was taking place, the tech coordinator’s niece Thalia, who is studying art at the Art Institute of Chicago, was also visiting the classroom to paint the school’s mascot on to a wall of the computer lab. Thalia is in her first year at AIC and really likes being in Chicago and studying at the school. All of us at KAMINARi Education are big supporters of Art and Art Education and so we wanted to spotlight Thalia and her wonderful wall mural.

She was asked to create the school’s mascot, which is a bear. Here is a picture of the beginnings of the bear:

Since her aunt had just taken a biking trip over the summer in Italy, she really wanted Thalia to add some beautiful sunflowers to the bear along with a laptop, since IT IS the computer lab after all!

Unfortunately, we had to leave before we could see the bear’s completion.

Last week, we had a chance to come back and visit the school to check on how the InterCLASS software was doing. Of course, we then had a chance to view the completed bear, sunflowers and laptop and….we LOVED IT!

She really did a great job! Way to go, Thalia and keep up the good work!

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