Monitoring employee progress
during training sessions


Keeping company learning
objectives relevant


Delivering training materials
in the most efficient manner


Testing for proficiency and

InterCLASS PC Lab Controller is an “In-CLASS” teaching and learning environment system product. It provides trainers with control and facilitates a collaborative learning environment for any set of training PCs, including trainees’ individual laptops. There is no need to install extra cables or servers, as InterCLASS will work efficiently with your existing PC Lab network LAN or WLAN. InterCLASS enables your training session to be more organized, efficient, collaborative and controllable immediately.

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Monitoring employee progress during training sessions

For many corporate employees, the non-stop barrage of 24/7 emails, voicemails, Smartphone calls and Apps as well as corporate travel makes it difficult for them to get specialized training information relevant to their jobs. When time is made for training, training structure can be disrupted by trainees accessing work via their laptops while they should be focusing on the training provided. InterCLASS can help trainers to focus employees on the information and skill set they need to align themselves with the business goals of the company that they work for.

With InterCLASS, trainers will have the ability to:

  • Block all Internet access.
  • Monitor trainees’ desktop screens.
  • Block programs used for checking email on any desktop PC or laptop.
  • Lock keyboard and mice usage during the training session.


Monitoring Students
Locking Students



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Keeping company learning objectives relevant

Five or six-hour “data dump” meetings do nothing but provide employees with too much information and big headaches. Streamlining information to be given during the training session is the best way to reinforce key concepts that employees will need to perform their jobs much better, plus save the trainer valuable time.

With InterCLASS, trainers can develop their training sessions by:

  • Cataloguing specific informational websites into a Favorites list that can be sent out directly to each trainee.
  • Cataloguing specific files and folders of pertinent information (spreadsheets, database info, charts, etc.) that can be sent directly to each trainee without the need for paper handouts or printouts.
  • Creating and sharing video files and real time video or audio directly to each trainee. This can include training DVDs or document camera information. This data can also be recorded for future training sessions.


Live Video

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Delivering training materials in the most efficient manner

Whether it employs 20 people or 2000, most companies want training sessions that are relevant to the business goals they set out to achieve. Therefore, most trainers find it best to provide training exercises that closely simulate the way work is conducted on the job, where groups of trainees solve real work problems. These strategies are very beneficial to employees and make them confident to achieve any problem that should come their way on the job.

To achieve these goals, InterCLASS allows trainers to:

  • Demonstrate and annotate their desktop to each trainee’s desktop in real time.
  • Divide trainees into groups for groupwork.
  • Allow specified access to Internet resources.
  • Share each trainee’s desktop with the rest of the group.
  • Collect trainee-submitted files and share them with the group.
  • Share chatboard and whiteboard functions with the group.
  • Launch and stop programs easily with each group or trainee.
  • Have audio conversations with the group or a select trainee via headsets.


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Testing for proficiency and remediation

Determining the effectiveness of training can sometimes be difficult for some trainers to gauge. The best results come from evaluating the trainee group on an on-going basis, with any shortcomings being addressed immediately by making improvements to future training efforts.

InterCLASS makes this evaluation process very simply, by giving trainers:

  • The ability to create customized tests and quizzes that can be used for formative and summative assessment.
  • The ability to have quiz results automatically calculated for them.
  • The chance to create survey questions to gauge feedback from the trainees.
  • The ability to reuse or share quiz content with other trainers.






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