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Hi All,

We will soon release the Fall InterCLASS update and will send the download link to all of our current customers that are in or have renewed their maintenance term.

The new update will include the following enhancements:

  1. Native 64-bit edition of InterCLASS.

    Since some of our customers already have chosen to use 64-bit computers, we will provide the native 64-bit program installer for 64-bit Windows 7. This edition will remove the known issues of the application block function that is caused by the 32-bit emulation mode on the 64-bit OS.

  2. Limiting student web browsing for all web browsers.

    Teachers can control student web browsing on any internet browser including Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc. This will help if your lab has multiple browsers for various reasons, such as website development classes.

  3. Blocking students from using USB drives / CD/DVD drives.

    Teachers can disable/enable USB flash drives or the CD/DVD drive on student computers without restarting the student PCs. Students cannot run inappropriate programs or files from an external drive.

  4. Stopping students from excessively printing.

    You can simply stop printing from any student computer at anytime. Save toner and paper from unwanted printouts!

  5. Internet co-browsing and drag and drop browser control.

    You can synchronize your teacher PC’s web browser and student web browsers to navigate to the target webpage for the students. If you just want to show the current webpage, you can drag the address bar icon on to the browser and then drop it on to the student icons on the InterCLASS console. This will be a really easy and quick way to show websites to the students.

  6.  A remote log on feature for Novell Client2 and logon banner for Windows

    You can log on to all of the student computers from the teacher console even if your school uses the Novell Client program or a customized logon banner (message) appears on the student logon.

  7. Other improvements

    We have implemented usability improvements, bug fixes and performance enhancements as much as we can based on feedback from you, our customers. Hope you have an even better experience using InterCLASS!

Currently, our QA team is doing the final QA testing in our testing lab. We will also do field testing in some of our customers’ environments prior to releasing the new update for everyone. I will post a release date when all of the QA testing has passed.

Our programmers are also starting to making specifications for the next spring or summer version up. We are thinking about adding a mobile App for InterCLASS as well as the quiz feature improvements. If you have some wish list items, please let us know!



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