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A few years ago, I visited one of our customers at a high school in North Texas and observed a teacher that uses InterCLASS heavily in her classes. This teacher frequently uses InterCLASS’s Full Screen Monitor and Remote Control features in her lessons and I was so impressed at how she easily shares her ideas and instructions with her students.
I think this is one of the best use cases of InterCLASS, so I wanted to share this with you all.

Here’s how she uses InterCLASS for her lessons:

Classroom Equipment and Layout

  • The classroom has 32 computers and they are placed in a traditional horseshoe shape layout and islands.
  • The Teacher computer is hooked to a room speaker and a projector, so that her desktop and audio are always on the projector.

About the class

  • She teaches a graphic design and illustration class.
  • When I visited her class, students were working on their own Store Brochure design project.
  • For this project, students have to pretend to be a store manager and create their ownstore brochure for their potential customers.
  • Students were instructed to create an attractive design to promote their productsand to also include all necessary relevant information for their customers,such as the store’s address, contact info, hours, driving directions and maps.

How did the teacher use InterCLASS for her instruction?

While the students were working on their own projects, the teacher would frequently use the full screen monitorand remote control functions with her projector to share her feedbackto the class on things she saw on individual projects. One student was also asked to evaluate and comment on the same studentproject. Thus, students could quickly improve upon their own work based on both the teacher and class feedback.For example, the teacher realized that one of the students forgot toput store hours on their brochure, so she brought the student’s screen up on her monitorand the projector by double clicking the student icon on the InterCLASSteacher console. Then the teacher asked other students to give himtheir feedback, too in regards to the stipulations of the assignment. One student said that he didn’t know when the store opens andother students commented that the font size was too small to read. The teacher supported their comments and shared ideas with the entire class.
I noticed that several students took these ideas to heart by adding store hours and changing the font immediately. She did these full screen monitor/feedback sessions quite a lot in her class for the hour and a half that I was there.


In her pre-InterCLASS traditional computer classroom days, the teacher would have to travel to each student’sdesk to give them her advice personally. However, by using InterCLASS, now she caninstruct each student from her desk and then can share it with the other students in real time. This method allows her to motivate and engage her students more.

Hope this information helps all of you InterCLASS users (or soon to be!) out there!


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