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Yes, you can use the following audio functions:

Audio broadcast – You can broadcast your microphone sound to the class or to selected students. If your students have headphones on while they are on task, this is a good tool to announce your instructions (in a quiet way). The audio broadcast also can be started while you are using the Screen Demo function with the students.

One to one conversation with a student – You can select a student and then talk to the student via headsets. This function can also work with a remote control session.

Student volume control – You can adjust the student computer’s volume from the teacher console. If you don’t want the students to listen to any audio from their computers such as Internet radio, you can just mute it.

In order to use these audio functions, InterCLASS needs to be configured with the computer’s audio device. If the audio function doesn’t work well on your computer, please contact our tech support.

If you want to use InterCLASS as language lab software, we recommend using our Digital Language Lab software, CaLabo instead. CaLabo will support enhanced audio features such as group conversation, stereo mixing support, etc.



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