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To Power ON the student computers, InterCLASS sends a UDP “Magic Packet” to the network. A computer’s Network Interface Card (NIC) receives these packets and if the Wake-On-Lan feature of the NIC is enabled, it will “power on” the computer. In order to use the InterCLASS Power On feature, the student computers must have a “Wake-On-LAN” card installed and enabled.

In order to check your computer’s “Wake-On-LAN” feature capability, please ask one of your school’s technology staff members.

Usually, you need to enter the computer’s BIOS setting and enable the Wake-On-Lan feature. Some computers also require the configuration for the NIC setting.

For general steps to enable Wake-On-Lan:

A. Enabling Wake-On-Lan from the BIOS setting.

  1. Turn on a computer and enter the computer setup (BIOS Setting).
  2. Find the “Wake On Lan (Remote Wake Up)” setting and enable it if it is disabled.
  3. If there is a “Low power mode” or any power saving setting and somehow it is set to ON, try it by turning it OFF.
  4. Save the setting change and exit the BIOS settings.
  5. Turn off the computer and then look at the LAN port on the back of the computer. If the LED of the LAN port is ON (usually a green or amber light) even if you have turned off the computer, then the NIC is ready to turn on from the network.

If you still cannot turn on the computer from InterCLASS, you need to configure the NIC card setting as well.

B. Configuring the NIC setting for Wake-On-LAN 

  1. Log on as an Administrator-privileged user.
  2. Click to the Control Panel>System and Security>System>Device Manager.
  3. Click the Network Adapters and right-click on your network adapter to select Properties.
  4. Click the “Advanced tab” and look for any parameters related to Wake on LAN and Waking on “Magic Packets”, then enable them.

  5. Click the “Power Management” tab and check the “Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby” checkbox.
  6. Enable “Only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby” by checking the box. This will require a Magic Packet to wake up your computer. Not selecting this will allow any traffic directed to your computer to wake it up. 
  7. Click OK to save the settings.
  8. Restart the computer and try the Power ON function from the InterCLASS teacher program.

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