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InterCLASS is a classroom management software that helps teachers and trainers in a computer lab observe and control student computer activities from their own computer.

In an InterCLASS-installed computer lab, teachers can:

  • Turn all student computers on / off / restart and log them on at once
  • Show the teacher’s desktop to student screens
  • View all of the student screens
  • Remote control each student computer
  • Take a screenshot of a student’s screen
  • Blank all screens
  • Share one student’s screen to the other students
  • Send a message to all students or to selected students
  • Limit applications and/or internet sites students can use
  • Turn off applications, the internet, or a printer so students cannot use them
  • Send files and collect back files from students

Also, here is why our current customers choose InterCLASS:

  • “InterCLASS is very easy to use.”

  • “Technical support is quick to respond and provides in depth customer support.”

  • “Affordable and clear pricing, no add-ons or extra charges for tech support.”

  • “Screen transfer is quick, clear and has no delays.”

  • “The software supports Novell Client for the remote logon feature.”

For more information regarding other InterCLASS Features, please visit the Product Features page and videos. Also, we highly recommend starting a free 60-day trial to make sure that InterCLASS can meet your needs.









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