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  1. Stopping the Internet and the Allow/Restrict Websites functions now support Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

    It is important for schools to use multiple web browsers for Web design classes or Google apps for education and now InterCLASS can support multiple web browsers to control student access.

  2. Show websites to students by just dragging and dropping a URL shortcut or a bookmark item on to the class area.

    Showing websites to students is challenging especially for small kids. Now teachers can send any website with just one click! Just open a website on your browser and drag it from the address bar or bookmark and then drop it on to the InterCLASS console. It’s just that easy!

  3. Launch programs for students by just dragging and dropping a program on to the class area.

    Drag and drop a program shortcut from the Start menu or a pinned program on the task bar or desktop on to the InterCLASS console and you’ll be able to instantly launch any program for the students.

  4. Limit student printing

    Teachers can simply stop students from printing and wasting paper. This brand new function works on any local or network printer.

  5. Limit using a USB flash drive or CD/DVD drive

    With this new feature, students will not be able to open any programs, music, videos, etc. from their USB or CD/DVD drives. Unlike other solutions, you don’t need to restart the student computers to disable the devices.

  6. Frequency report for the Student Activity Log

    An addition to the very popular Student Activity Log feature will now include how often students have accessed particular websites or programs.

  7. Native 64-bit Windows 7 OS support

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