Keeping Students

On Task for Remote Learning

InterCLASS Cloud is an easy-to-use, cost-effective software that adds value and support to your monitoring services in making sure students are on task while they are learning from home. 

  • For Classrooms

  • For PC Labs

What you can do with InterCLASS

Monitor Student Activities

Monitor Student Activities

View student screens as thumbnail images for a quick overview glance of on-task work or click on individual students for full screen monitoring. Inappropriate web pages can also be closed during class time.

Instruct and Engage Student Learning
Instruct and Engage Student Learning

Instruct and Engage Student Learning

Display any materials and engage student learning by real time teacher screen demos directly to each student’s monitor or to the classroom projector.

Control Computers and Save Time

Control Computers

and Save Time

Quickly stop access to the Internet for either the entire class or individual students. Send URLs directly to each student, which saves valuable class time.

For Remote Learning, Classroom or PC Labs 

InterCLASS Cloud

Exclusive Cloud- based classroom management software for every teacher that needs to keep students on task with Chromebook or Windows 10 laptop classrooms or remote learning. 

InterCLASS Cloud for Chromebooks


for PC Labs

InterCLASS PC Lab Controller is software to support teacher and student activities in any type of PC lab/carts, classroom or library. 

InterCLASS  for PC Labs

InterCLASS is ideal for....

I don't have time to learn an extensive software program and want to easily monitor student progress in my remote learning class session.

Let's face it, working from home can be very frustrating for students and their parents and many want to give up. InterCLASS Cloud helps to control the flow of remote learning by allowing teachers to use the tools that they have already employed for lessons (online chats and Apps, YouTube How-to's and Google Classroom assignments) and then employ InterCLASS to make sure that students are understanding the assignments in real-time by monitoring their progress online or to be available to answer questions without the need for video chats.

My school already has web-filtered laptop carts in the classroom.

If your school or district already has a web filter for the school network and does not need to have an external filtering system, InterCLASS would be a perfect fit for schools as a simple-to-use, classroom monitoring and teaching tool. No need to record sessions or learn take time to learn a myriad of unnecessary functions.

I'm looking for a product that can share my screen in class.

If you would like to share your screen with your students in a room that doesn't have a projector or TV, then InterCLASS can help! The software also works wonderfully for sight-impaired students that can't see the projected screen well if it's available in the class or for elementary students that have difficulty following along with the teacher's How-To instructions on a centralized TV Monitor or Interactive Whiteboard.

We care about student privacy and never track student data.

Our district/school is small or experiencing recent budget shortfalls.

So do we! We've made it one of our missions to NOT track or “peek in” on teachers or students using our software. The capability for us to do so is not a part of the software program and we want you to feel secure with using InterCLASS. We also do not store school or student data to centralized servers where the information can get hacked into. Teachers and students can feel safe with InterCLASS.

We hear you! InterCLASS was designed with these issues in mind and to be simple and affordable for any size of school/campus or district. With new budget shortfalls for many districts, InterCLASS can make monitoring software more accessible to every teacher in a school or district.