Classroom chaos to control!

Essential Chromebook Management Tools for Daily Classroom Teaching

Demo Your Screen

Show the teacher's screen directly to student monitors with or without a projector. Students cannot use their computers during the Screen Demo mode.

Monitor Students

Monitor student activity and close web tabs to help students stay focused on their classroom work.

Student Presentations

Students can present their screen to the rest of the class in real time.

Quick Web Filter

Restrict a student’s web access to specific websites quickly and easily during class time.

All Eyes On Me!

Grab student attention during class time with a customizable text screen block.

Send Messages

Send tasks or messages to students during class time to keep students focused on their work.

Push Websites

Send out  websites to open automatically for students to add dynamic materials to lessons or to direct them to course content.

Sync with Google Classroom

Begin InterCLASS with any Google Classroom by simply clicking on the Sync button to project any and all course content. Can also be used with other platforms like Schoology.