InterCLASS for PC Labs

Fully Functional Classroom Management for Computer Lab Teachers

Monitor Student PCs

Monitor and remote control each student computer.

Teacher PC Screen Demo

Broadcast the teacher’s monitor to the student monitors on their desktop or laptop machines.

Share a Student's PC

Choose a student to make a presentation from their desktop to the rest of the class.

Control Web Access

Restrict student web access in two different ways.

Send/Collect Files

Send and Collect files directly on the network without the need for an external server.

Contact the Teacher

Students can “call on” and ask questions directly to the teacher.

Quiz Feature

Teachers can easily create tests and quizzes for formative assessment.

Log On to Every Student PC

Turn on (if Wake On LAN is enabled), restart, log off and log on to all student computers remotely from the teacher computer.

Remote all PCs

Control the keyboards and mice on all student computers simultaneously. Type in key sequences and apply any setting changes to all computers at once.