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Allowing the Use of Built-in Developer Tools in the Google Admin Console

Chromebook's Developer Tools is usually disabled for force-installed extensions by default. In order to access the Developer Tools and take application logs from the InterCLASS Cloud App and extension, please allow for the use of the built-in Developer Tools temporarily on the student Organizational Units (OUs).

To allow the use of Chromebook's built-in Developer Tools:

1. Log into the Google Admin Console (admin.google.com) by your administrator-privileged user account.

2. Click on Devices.

3. Click on Chrome Management.

4. Click on User & browser settings.

5. Select the student OU that the InterCLASS Cloud Student App and Extension are installed under.

6. Scroll down to the User Experience section.

7. On the Developer tools setting, select the Always allow use of built-in developer tools.

8. At the top-right of the screen, click Save.

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