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  • InterCLASS Support

Changing the InterCLASS HEARTBEATPORT setting

Below is an explanation of how you can change the HEARTBEAT Port on InterCLASS. Please try to change this port when you get connection problems between the InterCLASS client and server programs, even if you use a unique Room ID for each lab.

1. Log on with an admin user login to all of the computers.

2. Start the InterCLASS teacher program.

3. Click Settings> General Settings, then click the "Network Settings" tab on the setting window.

4. Click the "Settings" button under the Basic Settings section.

5. Change the Default port value from 34600 (default) to another value such as 35600.

6. Click "OK" to close the dialog.

7. *IMPORTANT* Click "Apply" (under the same basic setting dialog) to send this setting change to all of the student computers. There is no problem clicking the Apply button a few times.

8. Click OK to close the server settings dialog.

9. Restart all of the student computers from the "Power" button.

10. Restart the InterCLASS teacher program.

11. Log on to the student computers and make sure that they are connected with the teacher.


This will change the following settings in the Network.ini file of the InterCLASS program. Teacher computer: C:\CHIeru\Common\Network.ini Student computer: C:\CHIeru\Common\Network.ini [NETWORK] DEFAULT_PORT=34600 (default value)

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