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Changing to the Multicast Mode for InterCLASS for PC

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Apply this setting *to the teacher PC only* if the screen transfer image gets choppy or the remote control feature doesn't work well.

1. Open C:\CHIeru\VCS\vcs.ini on the teacher computer.

2. Edit the following value to "1" in the VCS.ini and save it.

[SEND] SCREENSEND_PROTOCOL=1      (default is 3) PICTURESEND_PROTOCOL=1      (default is 3) REMOTESEND_PROTOCOL=1      (default is 3)

Multicast Mode

3. Save the VCS.ini file after the changes have been made.

4. Restart the teacher computer or open the services dialog (In the Search box type in "services" and click click on the Services App that pops up), then restart the "VCS Service" on the services console or restart the teacher computer.

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