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Checking InterCLASS for PC Labs Versions

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

You can check on the installed InterCLASS Server and Client versions by following these instructions. It is very important to make sure that the Server program version and the Client program version match in your classroom.

A. Checking the InterCLASS Server (Teacher) Version

1. Start the InterCLASS Teacher Console.

2. Click "Settings"> "General Settings"> "License Key Tab" on the setting dialog.

3. You can see the InterCLASS Server program version information on the dialog.

B. Checking the InterCLASS Client (Student) Version

1. Start the InterCLASS teacher console and connect to the student computers.

2. Make sure the "Stealth Mode" check box is OFF on the teacher console. The Stealth Mode checkbox is located on the bottom of the teacher console.

3. Go to a student computer.

4. Right click on the InterCLASS Client icon in the Windows Task Tray and then click the "Version Info".

5. The version information dialog will appear.

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