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I Cannot View all of the Student Thumbnails in my Class while Using InterCLASS Cloud.

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

  1. If you don’t see a student’s name on the thumbnail view on the class page, please check that all of your students are in the student roster in the Google Classroom’s class list. Then, open the InterCLASS Cloud teacher console and click the + button to click “Sync with Google Classroom” again to import the latest student list from Google Classroom. The current version of InterCLASS Cloud uses Google Classroom to manage the students.

  2. If your student is in the class, but the student’s thumbnail is still a gray color and is not signed in even if you have started the class session, then please make sure the student’s Chromebook is connected to the network and has an Internet connection. You may need them to re-sign into their Chromebook to refresh the connection as well.

  3. Check to make sure that the InterCLASS Cloud Student Extension and App is added on the student account. To check this, open the Chrome browser on the student account, and then enter the address: chrome://extensions

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