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Connecting across VLANs (subnets) or a Multicast-Disabled Wi-Fi Network

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The InterCLASS PC Lab Teacher program cannot "find" the student computers in a different VLAN by default. If possible, it is best if all of the computers in the lab can be on the same VLAN if your school network staff can do so (Recommended). Otherwise, in order to connect over the different VLANs, you have to edit the InterCLASS setting files to be able to control the student PCs with the teacher PC.


1. On the student computer(s) which is (are) in a different VLAN from the teacher computer,

please open C:\CHIeru\InterCLASS\Client\Config\System.ini

2. Edit to Add "SEG_IPADDR=(Teacher Computer's IP Address)" under the [SYSTEM] section.

For example (Teacher computer's IP address is

3. Save the System.ini file and restart the student computer.

4. Log on to the student computer and start the InterCLASS teacher program.

5. Click Settings > Class Settings and click "Add Student PCs".

6. Add the Student PC to the class from the available list (If you cannot find the student computer's name, please click "Manual" to add the student computer's name manually).

7. Add the student computer to the class icon layout and make sure it is connected and shows the desktop thumbnail.

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