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Turning on Desktop Capture mode for Student Chromebook Monitoring

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

InteCLASS Cloud has a simple switch to change the student screen monitoring mode from a "Tab capture (default)" to a "Desktop capture" mode.

This allows teachers to silently monitor a student's browsing activity by Tab Capture

OR to enhance classroom collaborative teaching/learning activities by showcasing

the entire desktop of a student’s screen including Apps that are not on the browser.

If teachers who want to use InterCLASS as a classroom teaching tool, would like to share teacher/student ideas instantly rather than just monitoring, then the desktop monitoring mode works great it.

To turn on the Desktop Capture mode, please click Menu icon > Settings on the InterCLASS Cloud class list page, and then toggle on the "Turn on Desktop Monitoring Mode".

When you start a class on the InterCLASS Cloud, then any available students in the class will receive a "Share your screen" notification to share their screen. Please let your students know that they need to tap the screen image of the notification window (so that the blue outline shows around it to signify it being selected) and to click on the "Share" button. If they do not do this, they will be unable to use their Chromebooks.

Click the Share button to share student screen to the teacher

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