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All of the Info You Need on How to Purchase InterCLASS

For all purchase and licensing questions and quotes, please contact the InterCLASS Sales Team.

InterCLASS Cloud for Chromebooks

License Price

  • InterCLASS Cloud is sold as an annual, subscription-based service.

  • Volume discounts are available for multiple machines/carts in one school, school districts, higher education institutions, government organizations and corporations.

  • To receive a district or university quote, please contact us at: Contact Form

$4 USD  for 10 to 100 users

1 user

subscription (1yr)

$500 USD  Up to 350 users

Elementary School

​Site License (1yr)

$1,000 USD  Up to 700 users

Middle School

​Site License (1yr)

$3,000 USD  Up to 1,500 users

High School

​Site License (1yr)

Please contact us for a quote.

Universities, Businesses, and District ​Site License

InterCLASS for PC Labs

License Price

  • InterCLASS is sold in lab packs based upon the number of student PCs in the classroom or lab (up to 20, up to 30, etc.).

  • We do not charge extra for the teacher’s program.

  • Volume discounts are available for multiple labs in one school, school districts, higher education institutions, etc.

$300 USD 

Under 10 Student PCs

$400 USD

Under 20 Student PCs

$600 USD

Under 30 Student PCs

$800 USD

Under 40 Student PCs

$3,500 USD (5-7 labs)

Middle School Site License

$5,000 USD (8-15 labs)

High School Site License

Please contact us for a quote.

Universities, Businesses, and District ​Site License

We Love Small
School Districts

If you have a small K-12 district with 2-5 campuses, please let us know about our special pricing for district licensing.

Purchase with
Purchase Orders

To order with a PO, please include the following information:

  • PO Number

  • Product Name and license type

  • Quantity

  • Billing Address

  • Shipping Address

  • Email address *required

  • Phone / Fax number

Please fax the purchase order to (866) 379-3230 

Purchase with
Credit Card

You can also purchase InterCLASS by Credit Card. Please contact us at Contact Form  and include the following information:

  • Your name

  • School or business name

  • Phone number

  • The best time to reach you

We will call you to collect your information for payment processing.